Charcoal oven josper HJX25L
Functions and features: 

Fire up time1: 30 min aprox.
Josper charcoal daily consumption: 22 lb to 26.5 lb average
Performance: 9h 
Production per hour2 : 132 lb average 
Cooking temperature: 572 ºF to 662 ºF 
Power equivalence: 4 hp 
Exhaust rate3: 1648 cfm
Charcoal Oven josper HJX45L
Functions and features: 

Fire up time1: 35 min average 
Josper charcoal daily consumption: 26.5 lb to 35 lb average 
Performance : 9 h 
Production per hour: 198 lb average 
Cooking temperature : 572 ºF to 662 ºF 
Oven capacity in GN trays (per grill rack) :2 x GN 1/1 
Power equivalence : 6 hp 
Exhaust rate: 1883 cfm 
Maximum smoke flow : 0.37oz/s
Charcoal Oven JOSPER HJX50
Functions and features: 

Daily consumption of coal: 35 lb to 44 lb (medium) 
Performance: 9 hours 
Production per hour: 242.5 l. (On average) 
Kitchen temperature: 482 ºF to 662 º F 
Power: 8 hp 
Exhaust: 1883 cfm 
Maximum smoking: 0.49 oz / s
wood-durining ovens Peva k60
Functions and features: 

 Indirect combustion fire oven 
 two (2) baking rooms with refractory floors 
 circular baking rooms 
 independent loading bays 
 size of each baking chamber: Ø 110 cm
wood-durining ovens PEVA BL 100
Functions and features: 

Dimensions (mm): 1000x670x1970 
Net weight (Kg): 150 
Volume, m3 : 1.3199 
A country: ITALY
wood-durining ovens PEVA BL 200
Functions and features: 

Dimensions (mm): 2000x670x2320 
Net weight (Kg) : 270 
Gross weight (Kg) : 385 
Volume, m3): 3.1088
 A country: ITALY
It was devised during the 70s and then has been modified to get its performance better and still today it is the most known and appreciated oven from the worldwide pizza makers. It is excellent for those pizzerias that want to keep the tradition of a static oven without renouncing the advantages of an excellent baking quality.The M.A.M. prefabricated wood burning traditional oven is made of vibrated refractory material and can be fitted with a gas burner. The M.A.M. traditional oven is manufactured in 9 pieces of fired vibrated refractory material, 10 cm thick, providing maximum yield with minimum consumption. It bakes in 2 and half minutes at the most. The M.A.M. oven is switched on in just 15-20 minutes, since the temperature remains almost unchanged compared to the evening before.