Meat processing machinery SAVIOLI SAV-TRAC12
Functions and features: 

Type: MeatKeep Machine
 Productivity: 150 kg / h 
Size: 250X470X370 mm 
Weight: 20 kg Power: 0,75 kW
Meat processing machinery SAVIOL SAV-200
Functions and features: 

Type: meat car
Ribbon tape: 1520 mm (length)
Size: 460X430X730X mm 
Weight: 34 sq 
Power: 1,1 kW
Functions and features: 

Type: Slave Diameter 
diameter: 220 mm 
Size: 400X470X360X mm 
Weight: 13 kg 
Power: 150 watts
Savioli Meat Mixer with Two Paddles 50 Kg SAV-ME50B
Functions and features: 

Stainless Steel body. 
Tank tipping (90°) for easy empting. 
Emergency microswitch on the tank cover. 
Removable paddles. 
Low voltage (24 V) electric panel.
Savioli Sterilizer SAV-STER16UV
functions and features: 

 Used to sterilize 14 knives.
Savioli Dispenser 400 SAV-DSP400
Functions and features: 

Stainless steel structure. 
Anodized aluminum rollers and rods. 
Film cutting through a teflon coated section (without smoke). 
Heating surface temperature adjustable by thermostat: mm. 385x125 (WxD). 
Max film roll 400 mm.
Savioli Sealing Machine 400 SAV-SIGIL400
Functions and features: 

The timer fitted at the front is used to seal bags of different thicknesses, max 2 mm. Max lenght of plastich bags: 400 mm 
Sealing time: min. 0,5 - max 2,5 sec.
Savioli Hamburger Press Hand ø 180 mm PSC-180
Functions and features: 

Anodized aluminum body and meat press bowl. 
Stainless Steel Ejector.
Savioli Sausage Fillers SAV-INS14H
Functions and features: 

Cylinders in Stainless Steel. 
Sides in Stainless Steel. 2 Speed. 
Complete of n° 3 funnels, diameter: 10, 20, 30 mm