Confectionery MECNOSUD AS44 AD
Functions and features: 

Type: Diesel 
Capacity / capacity: 50 liters 
Number of speed: 3 
Power: 0,75 / 1 / 1,3 kW
Confectionery MENCOSUD MX 80
Functions and features: 

Type: Planetary 
Mixer capacity / volume: 44 kV / 50 liters 
Number of speed: 2 
Power: 1,5 / 2,2 kW
Confectionery MECNODUS PF3
Functions and features: 

Type: Pizza Form Press 
Capacity / capacity: 100-2700 gr 
Dishwasher diameter: 33 cm 
Power: 3,6 kW
Confectionery MECNOSUD SF 600-85
Functions and features: 

Type: Dough Griller 
Number of speed: 1 
Power: 0,75 kW 
Cylinder length: 600 mm 
Table length: 850 mm
Baking machine FORMA PCR 4060.2.2
Functions and features:T

ype: Defrosting cupboard with 2 rib cage 
Number of Doors: 2 Card 
Size: 1100X1500X2300 mm (length, depth height) 
Temperature: + 40 degrees 
Humidity: 97% 
Power: 5 kW
Baking machine FORMA ROTOR 68
Functions and features:   

Type: Rotating Stove (Suction Hat) 
Size of laser: 600X800 mm 
Cathedral size: 1440X1930X2200 mm (length, depth, height) 
Capacity: 1 cart 
Productivity: 125 kg / hour 
Power: 48 kW
Functions and features: 

Volume (L) : 5 
Height (mm): 550 
Width (mm): 240 
Length (mm): 462 
Weight (net KG): 18 
Voltage : 230V 
Motor: 0.5KW 
Variable Speed (RPM): 78-422
PERFETTO FTV Steam Pipes Decks Oven
Functions and features:

Steam pipes decks oven configured as follows: 
4 decks mm 800x1200 n. 4 trays 40x60 total n.16 trays 
4 decks mm 1200x1200 n.6 trays 40x60 total n.24 trays 
4 decks mm 1200x1800 n.9 trays 40x60 total n.36 trays 
3 chambers with a useful height of 180 mm and fourth of 230 mm.
trays Forma
Functions and features: 

Steam pipes decks oven 
Flat trays aluminized 
Flat trays aluminium 
Flat trays perforated 
Corrugated trays 
Round frame trays 
Trays with moulds 
Tin boxes