"Service Group"

It was founded in 2006. It represents the official representation of the world's leading brands of kitchen equipment in Georgia.
 "Service Group" offers you to import, mantra and follow-up calendars and services for hotels, restaurants and café-bars (HO-RE-CA), as well as proposals for designing of food units, catering units (making technological drawing) and relevant industrial Kitchen and refrigeration equipment with inventory

   >>> Purchase of equipment

 When replacing old equipment or purchasing new equipment, the operator asked the operator to answer: "If I'm going to buy the equipment, the first question I want to answer is whether or not a local service agent?"

Operators need maximum information about this acquisition in order to make optimal decisions regarding specific equipment, as this step is linked to large expenditures and equity. The answer is simple: it is necessary to find a location distributor or service agent of these equipment, as well as the possibility of receiving spare parts and the local distributor of these parts, as well as the warranty terms and their volume from the very beginning.

Continuous operation of restaurant equipment and long exploitation is a preliminary preventive maintenance service

 >>> The main goal

 The main objective of preventive services is prevention of damage of restaurant kitchen equipment, or ensuring their continuous work. And the continuity in the working process - this is the main feature that should have any restaurant catering, but it is not enough to purchase high quality equipment.

 The technique requires regular maintenance and proper care. Expert technicians will quickly fix and eliminate some of the shortcomings before serious damage to the device, which will save you time and money.

 "Service Group" offers not only a wide range of world-class brands of kitchen equipment but also provides installation, diagnostic and technical services as planned prophylactic and single service (repair).

 Golden Rule: The amount spent on preventive services is less than the amount spent on repairs.

        What does the planned refurbishment-maintenance service mean?
  • Preventive services involve prevention, in case of expected breakdown of equipment;
  • It prolongs the lifespan of the equipment and serves the owner more long time;
  • Costs for planned prophylaxis will eventually be reflected in the long life cycle of the equipment.

 We suggest: individual approach; Favorable terms of cooperation; Highly qualified technical support.