FRYER Open fryer Modular EM 70/80 FRE13
Functions and features: 

Type Open - fryer
baths quantity - 2
deep fryer basin capacity - 13 l
basket lift - manual availability of conveyor - false
work surface skirting - true
minimal temperature - 100 °C
maximum temperature - 190 °C
minimal baskets quantity - 2 pcs
maximum baskets quantity - 4 pcs
FRYERS Frymaster fpel214c
Functions and features: 

Features: Computer management, built-in oil filtration system 
Number of bathrooms: 2 total bathroom or split options 
Number of oils: 2 x15 liters 
Power: 2x14 kW
FRYERS Frymaster RE17-2TC-SC
Functions and features: 

Features: Computer management, built-in oil filtration system 
Number of Bathrooms: Split Bath (Split Complex) 
Number of oils: 2 x14 liters 
Power: 17 kW
Functions and features: 

Features: Simple mechanical Manage 
Number of Bathrooms: 1 Total Bathroom 
Number of oils: 1 bathroom 20 liters 
Power: 14 kW
Electrical fryer DIAMOND FSM-2V5ET/S 2 x 8 Lit. - TOP
Functions and features: 

Switch-thermostat 190°C.
 - 1 heating element with high performance.  
mm (BxDxH) : 400x600xh445 kW : 9 
Volt : 400-230/3N 50-60Hz 
kg : 30 M³ : 0,16
Amitek Electric Fryers FC12
Functions and features: 

Stainless steel body - working (50-180°) and safety thermostat- micro switch - cold zone - removable heating element. 
The models FC are equipped with contactor. 
Power requirements: 230/1N/50-60