Desmon Cooler and Freezer Rooms
Functions and features: 

Different size of cold rooms with cooling unites for coolers (-2; +8)C and freezers (-18; -23)C type of cooling unites: straddle system; ceiling application unit; remote cooling units
Functions and features: 

Fruit / min : 12 
Volume: 3-4 cm 
Fruit diameter: 75 mm 
Diameter: 26X43X43.5 cm 
Weight: 17 kg 
Power: 0,42 
Power source: 115-220 volts
Convex oven Convotherm easy touch 6.10 mini
Functions and features: 

Features: Electronic management 
Number of lenses: 6GN1 / 1 
Steam production: injector 
Temp. Rezem: (+ 30 + 250) c 
Furnace size: 777 mm length; 515 mm depth; 627 mm height   
Power: 7.1 kW